BATTERIES FOR campers and on-board services

Enerpower offers a series of batteries for campers, caravans and recreational vehicles, perfect for powering all the comforts and services of the camper.

In fact, modern campers require a considerable energy reserve capable of operating all the accessories on board.

Main Features of Camper Batteries:

  • High Cycle Capacity: Enerpower camper batteries are designed to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles, ensuring long life and reliable performance even during long journeys.

  • Compactness and Lightness: Enerpower camper batteries are designed to be compact and lightweight, taking up little space in the battery compartment of your vehicle and ensuring optimal weight distribution.

  • Vibration Resistance: Enerpower camper batteries are designed to resist the vibrations and mechanical stresses typical of road use, guaranteeing reliable performance even on rough terrain.

  • Low Level of Maintenance: Enerpower's RV batteries require a low level of maintenance, offering a virtually hassle-free solution for powering your vehicle's onboard services.

  • AGM or Gel Technology: Enerpower's RV batteries are available with both AGM and Gel technology, giving you a choice based on your preferences and the specific needs of your vehicle.

Advantages of Camper Batteries:

  • Energy Autonomy: Thanks to their high energy capacity, Enerpower camper batteries allow you to enjoy prolonged energy autonomy during your travels, without having to depend on external power sources.

  • Versatility of Use: Enerpower RV batteries are suitable for powering a wide range of electronic devices in your vehicle, including lights, refrigerators, heating and air conditioning systems, TVs and more.

  • Space and Weight Saving: Thanks to their compactness and lightness, Enerpower camper batteries allow you to save space in the battery compartment and maintain an optimal balance of the weight of the vehicle.

  • Reliable Performance: Enerpower camper batteries are designed to offer reliable performance even in extreme conditions of use, ensuring your safety and peace of mind when traveling.

Applications of Camper Batteries:

Enerpower RV batteries are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Campers and motorhomes
  • Caravans and caravans
  • Recreational vehicles and camper vans
  • Converted vans and commercial vehicles



OUR starter BATTERIES for campers

Compared to a normal car, the camper has greater loads, and for this reason it is important to rely on high-performance starter batteries with a greater starting capacity.

OUR BATTERIES FOR the camper's on-board services

Enerpower has selected a series of camper batteries suitable for powering all on-board services. AGM and GEL batteries guarantee excellent safety, as they are sealed and do not pose the risk of gas release or acid leaks inside the camper.
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