Telecommunications systems need batteries with high reliability, capable of guaranteeing continuity of service.

Enerpower has a complete range of stationary batteries for the telecommunications sector.

Telecommunications batteries are designed for exceptional performance, long life and ease of installation, making them suitable for use in multiple applications. Applications in the telecommunications sector include transmission exchanges, base radio stations (BTS) and microwave repeaters.

The installation of telecommunications batteries, usually located in remote areas, imposes important requirements on the latter, including: high reliability, long expected life, extended range of working temperatures, overload management and possibility of recovery and recharging quickly.


Main Features of Telecommunications Batteries:

  • Reliability: Enerpower's telecommunications batteries are designed to ensure reliable and continuous operation of critical network infrastructures. They are built with high-quality materials and advanced technologies to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and provide constant power when you need it most.

  • Long Life: Telecom batteries are designed to have a long life, reducing the need for frequent replacement and associated costs. This ensures greater stability and continuity in telecommunications operations.

  • High Capacity: Enerpower's telecommunications batteries offer a high energy capacity, ensuring greater autonomy and continuous operation even during prolonged power outages.

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance: Telecommunications batteries are designed to operate across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme environmental conditions.

  • Low Level of Maintenance: Enerpower's telecommunications batteries require a low level of maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs associated with managing network infrastructure.

Advantages of Telecommunications Batteries:

  • Ensure operational continuity: Telecom batteries ensure that critical network infrastructures remain operational even during power outages, ensuring reliable and continuous communication.

  • Reduce downtime: Thanks to their reliability and autonomy, telecommunications batteries help reduce network infrastructure downtime, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • They protect against voltage surges: Telecommunications batteries regulate the input voltage, protecting network infrastructures from voltage surges that can damage them.

Applications of Telecommunications Batteries:

Enerpower's telecommunications batteries are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Telephone exchanges and communication nodes
  • Cellular antennas and base stations
  • Electrical cabins and substations
  • Traffic control systems
  • Radio and television repeaters
  • Alarm and security systems



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