for uninterruptible power supplies

battery cabinets for uninterruptible power supplies
The ENERPOWER battery cabinets are designed to contain hermetic lead acid electric accumulator batteries, and comply with the safety criteria of the current CEI 21-6 / December 1990 regulation for the installation of lead accumulators.

Enerpower's battery cabinets are designed to provide a complete, integrated battery management solution, ensuring optimal protection and long life for your critical equipment.

Main Features of the Battery Cabinets:

  • Robust and Safe Design: Enerpower battery cabinets are built with high quality materials and designed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. They are equipped with locks and keys to ensure safe access limited to authorized personnel only.

  • Optimized Ventilation: The battery cabinets are designed with an optimized ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation around the batteries. This helps dissipate the heat generated when charging and discharging the batteries, reducing the risk of overheating and prolonging the life of the batteries.

  • Space for Accessories: Enerpower battery cabinets come with additional space for installing accessories such as monitoring systems, charge regulators and safety devices. This allows for greater flexibility in system configuration and better battery management.

  • Accident Protection: Battery cabinets are designed to protect batteries from accidental damage caused by collisions or drops. They are equipped with reinforced side and front panels to ensure optimal protection in the event of an impact.

  • Ease of Installation: Enerpower battery cabinets are designed for easy installation and maintenance. They are equipped with adjustable guides and supports to allow quick and safe installation of the batteries.

Battery Cabinet Applications:

Battery cabinets are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for industrial and commercial applications
  • Emergency power systems for hospitals, data centers and critical infrastructures
  • Telecommunications and security systems


Features of Enerpower battery cabinets:
- Natural ventilation, or possible forced ventilation in case of operation in particular environmental conditions.
- Subdivision into two compartments, one containing the batteries, the other the sectioning, protection and control equipment.
- Access door equipped with lock and second access protection in steel to access live parts.
- Possibility of partializing the electrical circuit into blocks at 50 or 75V to limit any accidental contacts.
- Electrical protection of the battery circuit by means of an automatic switch with control sent back to the door.
- The monoblocks making up the battery are built in flame retardant material according to UL 94 class HB or V0 standards, this type of construction makes them particularly suitable for installation in battery cabinets, where the safety aspect with regards to fire prevention is fundamental .


- Designed to comply with safety standards (EN50272 and EN62040-1)
- Italian reference standards (CEI 21.6 ED. DECEMBER 1990)
- International IEC standards
- Standard protection degrees IP20, and IP32 required
- Operating temperature 0-40° C (25°C recommended for long battery life)
- Non-condensing relative humidity up to 95%
- CE product declaration


Each section is built with self-supporting (removable) modular elements.
On the front there is a hinged door, the closure is provided by a lock with a triangular key.
Inside the door there is a document pocket containing the battery instruction manual.
The sections can be fixed together to form a single wardrobe.
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