VLRA AGM batteries


Batteries with AGM VLRA technology

Enerpower has a wide range of AGM Vrla (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries.

The acronym AGM means “Absorbed Glass Mat” and identifies batteries that contain liquid acid inside, but have absorbent plates in glass microfibre. This material traps battery acid like a sponge, increasing the efficiency of the battery in order to achieve better performance at the same size. Inside AGM batteries there is a valve that automatically renews energy production without having to fill the battery with the addition of acid and has the task of releasing gas in the event of overload.

AGM technology allows you to obtain sealed (hermetic) batteries which prevent any acid leaks if they were to fall or tip over. Furthermore, AGM batteries do not require any type of maintenance and do not require additions of electrolyte.

AGM batteries are ideal both for cyclic use (with many charge and discharge cycles) and for use in buffer mode, such as for uninterruptible power supplies.

Advantages of AGM batteries

  • They do not require maintenance.



  • Compact batteries and very resistant to mechanical stress.

  • They can be mounted in any position. They can be used at high altitudes or at sea, and have good resistance to high temperatures.

  • Acid leaks are limited in case of container breakage. Thanks to the division of the plates by glass fibers, there is no danger of short circuit between the cells.

  • Suitable for starting motors thanks to the high starting currents.

  • They have low self-discharge and lower internal resistance than normal lead-acid batteries, maintain a more constant voltage and charge faster.


SLC series

FAT series

DC-EV series

CL series

HC series

YE series

AV series



AGM batteries have a wide range of uses.
In particular, these batteries are recommended for use in the following application areas:

Uninterruptible power supplies

Renewable energies


Video surveillance and security

Boats and nautical

Camper and on-board services

Electric vehicles

Floor cleaners and industrial cleaning



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