About Us – The company: Enerpower S.r.l.

About us

Enerpower: batteries and chargers

ENERPOWER is a company specialized in providing, installation and technical support services to high-quality products in the field of batteries for industrial applications, Special starting and synergistic products such as battery chargers and inverters for systems in the industry in renewable energy (solar - wind).


The management team has extensive experience in the industry and is able to formulate offers and estimates for various types of applications (UPS uninterruptible, Emergency systems, renewable energies, electric vehicles, floor cleaning machines, forklifts, etc.).
The wide range of products includes, over the most suitable battery for the various application sectors, other complementary products that puts our company in a leading position to provide a service to customers timely and efficient.

Our services

Technical assistance

Of great importance is the technical support services with specialized personnel and equipment can check with computerized certification status of the batteries is controlled by our laboratory, both at the facilities of the customer.
Treatments with charge and discharge cycles, carried out with suitable equipment, report sometimes batteries with reduced ability to acceptable efficiency conditions, of which we issue certificates with computerized diagrams and main parameters.
A good logistics and a warehouse with products in stock high, always ready for delivery, It allows the execution of orders at very short notice.

Our customers

Among the major clients include large thickness companies operating in the IT sector, sector uninterruptible (UPS), plant engineering and telecommunications, and still others in the solar industry, PV, Aeolian, batteries for electric vehicles and traction (floor washer, boats, camper, bicycles, golf-car, ect.)

Why choose ENERPOWER


Choose ENERPOWER means choosing quality, an appropriate price and service as a complementary experience, assistance and any advice for new projects.
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